Image Matters, Why You Should Care

Your logo design, your marketing strategy, your advertising campaign — they’re not something that just pop out of the ground. Businesses may create different ad campaigns based on different seasons, but does the styling of the final product ever change? Usually not. You can pretty much watch a Target commercial whether it’s for a winter sale or spring fling deal, and still determine without a doubt that the creepy-too-happy advertisement was a Target commercial. That, my friends, is your brand identity.

These are all carefully crafted to represent your overall brand image. They are a reflection of both you and your business. What you deliver in your logo design and overall marketing strategies give potential consumers an idea about your business personality and culture. We live in a society where people are quick to judge — so let them judge.

Just through your design, consumers can quickly tell whether your business is more open-minded and relaxed, or suit-and-tie stricted. Some consumers may choose to work with the more relaxed businesses while others may prefer a more corporate streamline. That’s up to the consumers to decide, but your goal is to deliver that image to your consumers without them even asking. This will ensure a better business-consumer relationship in the long-run since both personalities now match up. Afterall, no one wants to work with a prude.

A logo is one of many components that is essential to branding a business. A familiar mark will leave a lasting impression. A unique logo will help consumers identify a company and relate to the products and services that they offer.

I literally spent weeks concepting various logo designs for Critical Launch that ranged from completely hideous to an awesome design we adapted today. One should never rush a logo design, or any design for that matter. Your designer will need time to digest everything that they’ve concepted and then start tearing it to pieces. By process of elimination and long painstaking nights with tons of coffee, that’s when the perfect logo start to emerge.

After I started to narrow down my concept choices, I would then start surveying trusted friends to see what they would think of the design. I would not say a single word about the email asides from, “What do you think?”

I would get the common responses of, “It looks great!” or “What is this for?” Years of experience have shown that these type of comments are very unconstructive to the selection process. Days would pass until I would finally get a real helpful response where my friends would evaluate it from top to bottom, left to right, and point to point.

Some still complain that my wordmark of the letter “I” in ‘Critical’ and “A” in ‘Launch’ looks like a gigantic ‘A’ instead of the slanted uneven lines. But the votes in favor of the adapted design considerably outweighed the criticism eventually leading to the integration of the logo into Critical Launch’s branding.

Below is my first batch of business cards that finally came in yesterday! I hope you like it. Please leave a comment.

Critical Launch Business Card Design Critical Launch Business Card Design Critical Launch Business Card Design Critical Launch Business Card Design

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