How Brands Can Utilize Snapchat’s New Stalking Feature

Snapchat recently unleashed a new feature (creatively named Snap Map), that allow users to track their friend’s location in real-time. However, the real MVP in this release is actually the heat map that’s integrated into the map.

What’s a heat map? A tool that has long existed for UX designers for website optimization purposes, is now available for brands to take advantage of. In the world of user experience, a heat map is used to evaluate what your website visitors is clicking on the most, where, when, why, which essentially can help convert your visitor into a paying customer.

Similarly, Snapchat’s new feature provides the same advantages without the need for a technical know-how. A heat map is registered when a user post a Snap publicly. The more people that post a Snap within an area, the redder the area on the map becomes, usually indicating some form of popularity whether it be a concert, get-together or just the good ol’ nightlife.


Here are 3 ways that local businesses should strategize to benefit from this new heat map:

1) Take advantage of the hashtags

Yes, we know that Snapchat isn’t hashtag-centric, but we also know that the same Snap being shared is more than likely going to make its way onto the other social media platforms, thereby increasing your brand’s visibility. Print out large signs to promote your social media presence. Give incentives for the hashtags if you want. Go crazy, throw a hashtag party for everyday of the week, and let your patrons Snap, Post, Tweet, and Share their little fingers away to the world.

2) Snapchat’s On-Demand Geofilter

Snapchat also allows businesses to create their very own Geofilter. We’ve actually tried it for an office party, and the price was so low it was almost negligent of us to not do it. Through their website, you can create a design with their pre-existing templates, or hire us to create custom Geofilters for any occasion to promote your business and its events. Be aware that Geofilters for businesses must have the business’ logo on the graphic stating that it’s a business, to not cause any customer confusion in regards to promotions. It’s probably also good practice to submit the Geofilter a day or two before the launch date, so that you can pick your own time for it to go live and for any possible changes that you may have to make with the design.

Get started with SnapChat On-Demand

3) Go where the party goes

Ever had one of those days where you wanted to go out, but had absolutely no clue what nightclub or bar was popping? Fret no more. Like most normal human beings, friends flock with the flock, and now with Snap Map’s heat map, partying at a red area versus a blue or green area, can either make or ruin your night. As a local business you can influence the heat map to help draw more crowds and paying customers to your venue. After all, who wants to hang out and post stories where it’s boring?

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