Two years ago this month, I set out on a journey to put all of my passion and talent into one place: Critical Launch®. As most entrepreneurs will admit, this was uncharted territory, and I relied heavily on my friends, family and close connections to help in my start-up.


Like most new brands, we have experienced our fair share of roadblocks and hurdles. This year, we defended ourselves against a competing brand who questioned our trademark and identity. We were diligent in our research and response, and used the same strategies and expertise that we employ to

Small sized and mid-sized businesses today must leverage branding as a process of building a corporate identity. Having an identity is only the beginning when it comes to brand development. You must also create a narrative for your brand, thereby having clear messages and delivering experiences which are aligned and consistent with your organizational goals.

Creatives are hired to do just that…to create. In most cases, clients will approach us with some glimmer of what they are trying to accomplish, with very little detail or strategy. They see the end result, but cannot envision the path to get them there. It is our job to carry that basic idea into a distinctive, strategic marketing and advertising campaign.