Social Media is a Popularity Contest


Social media ad sales have exploded exponentially in the past two years and is expected to pass $11 billion by 2017. If you’re one of those late businesses to embrace the new wave of social trendiness, then you’re costing yourself money.

It  is fast becoming a bigger part of the ad buying efforts of brands and agencies across the globe, and for good reason. For businesses, there are no better platforms available to measure success than to have live visual statistics of shares and likes, retweets and re-blogs.

The average American spend their time browsing social networks – 20% of consumer time is being spent online, while 30% is spent on mobile on a daily basis. As I’m writing this post I’m even refreshing my phone to see if I received any new Facebook updates. It is an addiction for millions, an addiction that will turn your business marketing efforts into high gain profits and social awareness.

Social ads have 55% higher recall than non-social ads

With social media everything is now a popularity contest. Businesses often struggle to come up with content that is engaging to their followers. One wrong status or tweet and you can be sitting at the losers’ table at the back of the cafeteria.

Climbing the social popularity ladder is no easy task, but can definitely be accomplished with enough research towards your target market. Advertising towards a particular group or niche is your best best when dealing with social media, or any other medium for that matter. You have tons of options for targeting: demographics, action targeting, custom interests, broad categories, custom audiences, lookalike audiences, and partner categories.

The biggest reason of failure to any advertising and marketing campaign is new businesses jumping into the game running just one creative and expecting a huge win.

With social media advertising being so affordable, you are now privileged to test your advertisement through different target groups and different creatives to help you better understand the success of each campaign, or failures.

Make sure your creative is appealing, and don’t be afraid to convert well-performing content directly into advertisement through other mediums such as television or billboards; it’s performing well for a reason. Once you find your successful niche build on it and expand.

The main reason consumers retain recognition of a brand name through social media is by their engagement and interaction with the business. Social media, asides from making your business look hip and trendy, brings an entirely new platform for digital, almost instantaneous interactions with your customers. Customer service, reputation management, collaboration, and recruitment are all new playing fields with social media and smart businesses are taking heavy advantage of it.

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