We're an advertising + marketing agency with big dreams. We imagine, create and manage your brand in a new digital world. We create unique experiences that build better business, grow brands and make people’s lives better. Our client line-up include restauranteurs, doctors, government agencies, and rising-star politicians all across Texas.

Advertising + Strategy

In today’s age, advertising is much more than slogans and billboards. Brands must create a unique personality and voice, or risk getting lost in the shuffle. Not even sure where to start? Critical Launch can develop an advertising strategy for your campaign to ensure that your online and print advertising will flow seamlessly.

Marketing for the World

Many people believe that a brand identity is just a slogan, a logo and a handful of colors. However, this doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of emotion that is required for successful branding. Your customers define and in large part own your brand, and therefore the basis for any strategic planning in this area needs to come from a fundamental understanding of who you are targeting and what they are after.

We don't just create brands, we give it life and meaning.

We Love Making Virtual Friends

Meeting marketing objectives is hard enough. Trying to please the online masses at the same time can get a little overwhelming. Social media will easily get left behind even though it’s essential to your success!

Our social media team are experts at customer engagement. We'll develop your accounts, create engaging content that represents your brand, and manage your social voice.

Who, What, When, Where?

Sometimes brands make missteps. A course of action they believe will further their image actual damages it with the public savagely going after the brand across multiple platforms.

Our agency does extensive research and planning to prevent this from ever happening. And on top of prevention, we have contingency plans for how to mitigate a crisis if one ever does start brewing.

Let's Start Creating!

We believe websites are not a project, but a research-driven marketing tool. A website isn’t just a pretty design – we build websites that work and drive our clients’ businesses.

Is a website necessary for your line of business? Absolutely.

Featured Works

ASI Art & Antiques Corporation

For over 18 years ASI Art has been proud to offer the most extensive collection of bronze statuary and fountains in the world. Critical Launch's founder, Tracy Nanthavongsa, actually began his endeavor into the marketing world with ASI Art. Tracy was hired when he was in high school to work part-time as a web developer. His position quickly evolved from web designing, to print marketing, product photography, to managing social media management for the growing company.

Dallas Advertising and Marketing

El Padrino Mexican Grill

El Padrino Mexican Grill has been a long time client of Critical Launch, well before we were even formed. El Padrino is a little chic taco stand with two locations based in the heart of Oak Cliff, Texas. El Padrino has long been a partner and sponsor in its community effort to go against the long standing legislation regarding immigration reform and civil liberties.

Prestige Model Management

Prestige Model Management has rapidly made its imprint in the fashion industry representing the freshest models and talent internationally. With its continual presence as a leader in model management, P.M.M. hits all aspects of the spectrum by representing women, men, children, and full-figured models while simultaneously scouting for the freshest talent globally.

With offices in New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, and Miami, Prestige works with various high fashion clients, photographers, and other local model management firms across the country and globally to garner a variety of talent.

Publicist Prestige Model Management pmm-1

From the blog

The Website’s Not Dead

Most Americans shop online– 8/10 in fact as a Pew Research Center study has found. “Despite this, 46% of small businesses do not have a website and 35% feel that their operation is simply too small to warrant a website” (, “Small Business Statistics”).

We all know that no matter how small your business is, it is never too small to have an online presence. As we’ve gone over in our piece about Hyper Local Marketing, there have been massive spikes in searches that include the phrase, “near me.”

The Website’s Not Dead

The 7 Greatest Marketing Disasters

The opening of the new Museum of Failure in Los Angeles got us thinking about why marketing and public relations are so important– at first we were going to write an analytical piece pulling from scholarly sources about why startups need to retain a marketing and PR firm.

However, that seemed a little dry for the week after New Year’s Eve. Therefore, as a gift to our readers, we’ve created a piece over the greatest marketing disasters of all time, because everybody loves a good trainwreck – (and that’s not just a metaphor).

The 7 Greatest Marketing Disasters

How Brands Can Utilize Snapchat’s New Stalking Feature

Snapchat recently unleashed a new feature (creatively named Snap Map), that allow users to track their friend’s location in real-time. However, the real MVP in this release is actually the heat map that’s integrated into the map.

What’s a heat map? A tool that has long existed for UX designers for website optimization purposes, is now available for brands to take advantage of. In the world of user experience, a heat map is used to evaluate what your website visitors is clicking on the most, where, when, why, which essentially can help convert your visitor into a paying customer.

Similarly, Snapchat’s

How Brands Can Utilize Snapchat’s New Stalking Feature
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    Juan Contreras
    Juan Contreras
    El Padrino Mexican Grill
  • I think not only are you a young innovative mind, but you understand the end concept that the client is wishing to achieve. You understand what the customer is asking for even before they ask it.

    James Tate
    James Tate
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    Debbie Denmon
    Debbie Denmon
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